The word shopping obviously means purchasing things of need either for consumption or utility. The need for buying things has become a link between the product and the buyer. As social beings the need to shop varies from the rich and the poor.

  • Who shops more? Women or Men

Well this is a million dollar question and the obvious answer is women. Women love to shop just as women love to earn. As there is a famous line “ I spend more because my husband earns more”. Most men shop either at the last moment or with a feeling of reluctance where as women shop with a feeling of freedom from the drudgery of household chores .Women regardless of the occasion or the economy have that extra spend bone not found in men to spend lavishly.

  • What is female drive?

This is just a term to describe a woman’s enthusiasm when she goes on a buying spree. The list on hand may contain ten items but on exit from the mall that list does not exist as the items are just double. Women are linked to shopping just as men are linked to sports. Both get an unusual kick or a stream of adrenalin surges through when the idea of shopping arises. Women in general are the best bargainers as compared to their male counterpart. While men keep an eagle eye on spending women on the other hand open their eyes wider as they feel a bargain made is victory and the right color is magic.


  • What is the secret science of shopping?

A research has shown that friends and neighbors influence you and your buying behavior. Family opinions take a back burner as friends take the driver’s seat. It is noticed that shopping with friends increases the purchase limit while shopping with family members is just the opposite. But do strangers also influence women during purchase? Definitely yes , as a new idea from an unknown person may prove beneficial. Researchers found that there was a thirty per cent increase in purchases made when advice came from strangers.

  • Does temperature effect shopping?

Research shows that warmer days are ideal for shopping as compared to cold and inclement days. This is because the warm weather causes a spring in the step and a feeling of goodness. Clear skies brings about a change in buying habits also as consumption products sold more of the shelf than on unclear sky days.

  • Does online shopping change shopping habits?

To a great extent many would agree that online shopping does become boring as the freedom of movement goes out of the window. For the lethargic person it is a boon but for the energetic woman in the kitchen it’s a drab. Women like variety in everything that they shop for ranging from household items to personal needs. Men are satisfied with a single choice or color as compared to women who could shop till they fall. It is definitely both bizarre as well as fascinating how shopping really makes the world go round.